Do you want to have a fun time in our circuit? Here's how you can do it:

Rental (1h):

  • Track and command rental €8
  • Rental of track, control and car €10
  • Track rental €6 (you can bring your remote if the remote connection is triple banana).

Circuit Features:

  • Brand: Policar (compatible with any car of any brand).
  • Lanes: 6
  • Rope (route) : 43m
  • Main straight: 12m

Passes (do not expire):

  • 6 hours for €30.
  • 12 hours for €48.

monthly bonus:

  • For just €25 you can play as many hours as you want throughout the month.
  • Special discounts in store.

We organize birthday parties and company events.

  • Check prices and schedules.



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